A Commentary on the Book of Revelation

Alan E. Kurschner

How to Use This Commentary

This is a commentary in progress. The reader, however, will be able to access the progress of what is already published. Sign up for email notifications on the homepage as new content is published. Dr. Kurschner aims to complete this commentary in 6-8 years.


There are two major sections to the commentary: (1) The Introduction, which will include topics such as date, author, setting, structure, genre, etc. These topics will help explain various aspects that formed the book of Revelation, and (2) the Commentary proper, where each major passage will contain four parts: Translation, Structure, Exegesis, and Eschatology.


Note well: In the course of writing the commentary, the author may go back to previously published passages in the commentary and give revisions and additions; accordingly, if the reader wishes to cite from the commentary, be sure to include the date accessed within the bibliographic note, since there may be subsequent updates to the commentary. The commentary uses the short form citation style. The full bibliographic entry can be found in the Bibliography.


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This commentary is dedicated to my good friend Charles Cooper.